Salamanca 2017

Spend this Summer in Salamanca, Spain

Learn Spanish in the “City of Spanish”. Salamanca, known for its vibrant college atmosphere attracts students from around the world. The rich history of education in Salamanca, which dates back over 700 years is still a defining feature of the city. Aside from education, Salamanca is rich in history and culture. Complemented with a unique sandstone, all of the historic buildings in the city glow a warm golden-yellow.

During the day, you can walk along the Puente Romano, a bridge dating over 2000 years old. Stroll past the breathtaking cathedral, marveling over its detailed architecture. Sit in Spain’s most famous plaza and enjoy a glass of red wine. A genuine “Europeanesque” resonates in the entirety of this world-renowned city.

In the evening, the city awakens anew, with families strolling around the city. Some shop along the Calle Toro, the street of the bull, for some boutique shopping. Students enjoy an eclectic night life that has something for everyone.

This city offers exceptional opportunities to study and learn both culture and language. The Pontifical University of Salamanca, known for its small class sizes hosts educators that have a passion to teach. Overseen by Professor Josefina Culton of West Los Angeles College, her decades of experience ensure that anyone willing to learn, can.

Plaza Mayor

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